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2 Answers

  1. We ask the saints to pray for us because we believe that they intercede on our behalf and serve as a powerful connection between God and humankind. The saints can provide guidance that is tailored specifically for the individual’s needs, ensuring that their prayer is both meaningful and effective.

    Ask Saints for praying can bring spiritual protection into our lives by strengthening our faith in God’s power and providence. We know that having faith in the God plan can bring comfort and assurance during difficult times. so asking the saints to intercede on our behalf can provide us with this additional layer of protection against bad luck or misfortune.

    Asking the saints to pray for us shows others in our lives what it looks like to be devoted and faithful followers of God. By asking them for their help and guidance, we set an example that encourages others to do likewise.

    Saints are especially important because they have been canonized by the Church, which means that they have received special graces from God that allow them to more effectively intercede on someone else’s behalf when praying to Him on their behalf . As such, it is a great privilege to be able to call upon them who are so close to God due not only their pious lives but also through such graces granted them by Him.

  2. The Catholic Church has a very important concept of the saints. Saints are souls who have been made holy and met to God in Heaven. Saints are people who have gone through a process called canonization, which enables the Church to officially recognize them as saints. Saints are still here on Earth and are able to help us through their prayers.

    The reason for asking the Saints to pray for us is that we believe that these holy people can help our struggles with the Lord and guide us in our Christian journey. Saints are a wonderful way of spiritual guidance and hope for our daily lives.

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