Job Requirements

Join Our Team as Religious Scholars at AskSaint:

Do you have a deep understanding of religion and the ability to write effectively? At AskSaint, we are seeking dedicated person to join our team as Religious Scholars. People looking for accurate and logical answers to their religious beliefs. Join us in our mission to provide valuable knowledge and meaningful answers.


  • Write well researched, accurate answers to a different types of religious questions from our users.
  • Write posts about any religious topics with credible sources and accurate information.

Earnings Structure:

  • Answer Payment: $2.5 per answer
  • Post Payment: Minimum $5 per post (minimum of one post per day, 1500 words each)
  • Minimum potential monthly earnings: (10 answers/day * $2.5/answer) + (1 post/day * $5/post) * 30 days= $900 minimum

Educational Background:

Applicants for the position of religious scholar must have a religious educational background, which could include a diploma, degree, or any relevant religious certificate. Additionally, we accept result cards indicating the study of a religious subject. For example, if an applicant primary course of study was in science but included a mandatory religious subject such as Islamiyat, this should be clearly stated on their result card.

Important Note:

Before submitting your job application, make sure that:

You have written a minimum of 10 answers and one post about any religious topic at So, we can test your skills before hiring you. Copy or pasting from other sources is not acceptable.