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  1. Asking the saints to intercede in prayer brings us one step closer to our loving Creator, as they are directly connected to Him through faith and grace. When we reach out to a saint, they can deliver our petitions of salvation directly to the Lord because they act as relays between us and God.

    We can turn to the saints for prayers based on their individual specialties that have been granted to them by God. For example, those who suffer from mental health issues may feel more comfortable asking Saint Dymphna for her prayers, as she is known for helping those with mental illnesses.

    When you pray to a saint, you receive guidance from someone whose soul has dedicated itself fully and passionately towards a life following Christ. The saints can offer advice and consolation that comes from years of devoted service as followers of God’s will.

  2. Saints have a unique closeness to God due to their faithfulness and purity of spirit. As great representatives of the tradition of holiness. They have an understanding of God’s will that is both deep and profound. By asking saints to intercede on our behalf in prayer, we can be certain that the words we are offering are echoing up to Heaven with the full backing of strong spiritual advocates.

    Saints join us in our struggles with sin and difficulty. Saints role in our life as friends and companions who offer us comfort and hope even in our darkest moments. Saints lead us ever closer to a more realized relationship with God through deeper devotion and righteous living, reminding us that we too can strive for holiness.

    Saints are able to connect with Jesus in spiritual ways through their own grace filled lives that were lived purely for His glory. So when we ask them for intercede in praying for us it becomes an act of faith toward a greater purpose. Through their insight into prayer, wisdom about spiritual matters, intercessory power, and closeness to Christ these holy figures appeal directly to our Lord on behalf of ourselves or those around us.

    By intercede saints into our prayer life we provide ourselves with important role models capable of inspiring genuine conversion and transformation within our souls through fellowship together before the throne of grace. When saints pray with us and join their holiness alongside ours something beautiful takes place within each one of us.

    The reason we ask Saints for intercede for us in prayers because prayer is absolutely essential in maintaining our relationship with Christ. Prayers give us religious values on love and forgiveness.