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  1. The verification badge on AskSaint is a symbol of authenticity and credibility. It helps users recognize that you are a genuine and reliable contributor to the platform. To request a verification badge on AskSaint, which is represented by a blue tick mark right next to your user profile image, follow these straightforward steps:

    – Visit the AskSaint contact page at

    – On the contact form, specifically, choose the “Verification” option. This will indicate your intention to request a verification badge.

    – Our verification process may require you to provide certain details or documentation to confirm your identity. This could include identification, a link to your professional website, or other relevant information. Be prepared to provide these details as part of your request.

    – Once you have filled out the contact form and selected the verification option, submit it. Your request will be sent to our support team for further processing.

    – Our support team will carefully review your request and the provided information. We will take steps to verify your profile’s authenticity and credibility.

    – If your profile successfully passes our verification process, you will be awarded the verification badge, which will appear as a blue tick mark next to your user profile image. This badge will signify to other users that you are a trusted and credible contributor to the AskSaint community.