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  1. Users on AskSaint can earn badges based on their activity and contributions to the community. If you are an active user who consistently provides valuable answers and engages with the platform, you may automatically receive badges according to your answers. If a user has not received any badge or wants to give their own badge title then can request it manually. For badge requests, the user must achieve a minimum of one best answer.

    To request a badge on AskSaint, you can follow these steps:

    – Visit the AskSaint contact page at

    – Fill out the contact form with your details, including your username and a brief message indicating your request to receive a badge.

    – Make sure to choose the “Request a Badge” option from the available contact options or include a specific note about your badge request in the message.

    – After filling out the form and specifying your badge request, submit it. Your request will be sent to our support team for review.

    – Our support team will review your request and, if you meet the criteria for badge eligibility, they will process your request accordingly.