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3 Answers

  1. hijab is fardh (obligatory) in Islam and has its roots in the Quran and Sunnah
    Allah says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused.

    it shows modesty

  2. Hijab is worn for religious reasons by Muslim women, showing their commitment to Islam and belief in God. Additionally, it serves to protect their modesty in public and shield them against mistreatment or abuse.

    All Muslim women have strong faith on Allah. Muslim women knows that if she does not follow the teachings of her religion, then she will be punish in hell forever. That’s why it’s important for her to learn about Islamic modesty principles and practice them throughout every aspect of her life including wear hijab.

    The most Muslim women wear hijab all of their life because hijab is important in Islam and they enjoy it. Also, other Islamic teachings emphasize peace, love, honesty, and mutual respect that Allah rewards in the Quran. Muslims believe the purpose of wearing a hijab is to obey God and His Messenger.

    Wearing a hijab in public can give Muslims greater security in their beliefs and relationship with Allah. It may help them resist the temptation of sins, leading to a more rewarding life in this world.

    Muslim girls wears Hijab as a symbol of her devotion to both her husband and Islam, conveying that she places their needs above all else.

    Another reason Muslim women may choose to don the hijab is to shield themselves from sexual harassment in the workplace. According to the Quran, men are prohibited from molesting women in public.

    The Quran also commands that women do not touch any man without first seeking his consent. Furthermore, covering one’s hair before her father or husband is considered a sign of honor for Muslim women.

    Many Muslims worry about how their behavior influences how others view them, particularly in a culture dominated by media attention.

    While some Muslim women may feel pressured into wearing the hijab, it’s essential for them to remember that Islam emphasizes respect and compassion. With these qualities instilled, Muslim women can live happy and peaceful lives that guarantee a future filled with prosperity, and success.

    Some Muslims may consider the Hijab to be oppression, but it’s essential for Muslims to remember this misconception is mostly due to media representations. Unfortunately, so many people have negative impressions of Islam based on inaccurate information. These perceptions often fail to acknowledge the hard work and dedication Muslim women put into practicing their religion.

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