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  1. Whether chess is considered “haram” (forbidden) in Islam can vary based on different interpretations and cultural norms within the Muslim community. Some Islamic scholars and communities consider chess to be haram because they associate it with gambling or distractions from religious obligations. However, others permit it as long as it doesn’t lead to harmful behavior. It ultimately depends on individual beliefs and local interpretations of Islamic law.

  2. Asma Issa
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    Islamic Scholar Certified in Quranic and Hadith studies

    Is chess haram in Islam? According to scholars, the ruling depends on its impact on religious duties and involvement in haram activities like gambling. If chess distracts from obligations or includes haram actions like lying, it is considered Haram. The majority view, supported by Quranic references and companion opinions, deems chess haram. However, there is a minority opinion, suggesting it is disliked if not involve haram elements.