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Maja Paun

What is Muslim religion?

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1 Answer

  1. The Muslim religion is Islam. These are my simple explanations of what is the Islam religion.

    1. Beliefs of Islam

    The central belief of the Muslim religion is that there is only one God, which is known as Allah in Arabic. What is Muslim religion is believes that Muhammad was a messenger from God, who delivered guidance and wisdom to mankind in the form of scriptures, the Quran, and Hadith. Muslims believe that following these scriptures provides a path to reaching Allah (God).

    2. Five Pillars of Islam

    The core belief of the Islamic faith is the Five Pillars of Islam. Which serve as guidelines for how followers should live their lives. The first pillar is Shahadah, or the declaration that there is no other god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. Salat, or Namaz prayer five times per day. Zakat, or donating to charity. Sawm, or fasting during Ramadan. and Hajj, or a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in one’s lifetime. These five pillars provide structure to the Islamic lifestyle and constitute its framework for worship and justice.

    3. Sharia Law

    Sharia Law almost everyone knows today and it is familiar when they think of Islamic practice. This set of laws outlines everything from daily religious observance to morals, and regulations cover how individuals interact with one another within society at large. Sharia dictates marriage regulations, food production methods, and much more. Sharia law serves as a practical code for living life based on morality tried-and-true for centuries.

    4. Quran

    The Quran is believed to be the direct words of God (Allah) revealed by an angel named Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad over 1,400 years ago through revelations called surahs. Over a period spanning twenty-three years from age 40 to 63. When Prophet Muhammad passed away peacefully surrounded by his closest companions who memorized every word of the revelations. Later written a book name Quran. Now this book considers guidance in life.

    5. Ramadan: A Holy time Of Year For Muslims

    Ramadan is the holiest month blessed special night Laylat al Qadr. This night Quran was completed. All believers fast from sunrise to sunset and do not drink or eat during fasting. End  of Ramadan month celebration day called Eid ul Fitr

    6. Islam Around the World

    Islam has an estimated 1.6 billion followers worldwide making it currently one of three major religions on earth alongside Christianity (2 Billion) and Hinduism (1400 Million) respectively. Although most highly populated predominantly Muslim countries can be found all throughout Asia Minor such as Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan & Bangladesh.

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