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3 Answers

  1. Madrassa is a place where students learn about islamic teachings from their teachers which are called “Ulmah” or “Mufti”. Basically, madrassa is an arabic word meaning ‘a place of reading or study’.

  2. A madrassa is an Islamic educational institution or school where students, often children, receive instruction in Islamic theology, religious studies, and other subjects related to Islam. Madrassas can vary widely in their curriculum and focus, with some emphasizing a more traditional religious education, while others may include a broader range of subjects. The term “madrassa” is most commonly associated with Islamic schools in South Asia and the Middle East, but similar institutions exist in other parts of the world as well. It’s important to note that not all madrassas are the same, and they can serve various educational and religious purposes.

  3. “MADRASSA” is referred to as a school or institution where people can learn about the theoretical as well as practical teachings of Islam from their experts known as “ULAMA” or “ISLAMIC SCHOLARS”. These institutions facilitate people of all age groups to undergo Islamic education. Like conventional school, college and university education there are certain levels and exams from which a student has to pass to get into another class or referred to as “DARJA”. Besides Madrassa’s exam, there is a sort of central board examination as well so that their degrees will be accepted worldwide but this opportunity is only given to those madaris which are affiliated with any central examination body. Nowadays most of the madaris are registered with them so its not a big deal.  Its a detailed matter but as long as here is a need to define this term so I covered most of the important aspects here. If feel something missing or ambiguous, you can ask me directly. TIA

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