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  1. These are seven reasons we ask saints for their intercession.

    1. Saints are role models who provide an example of living a holy life without sin and encourage us to do the same. Asking for their intercession on our behalf, connecting us to the God.

    2. When we ask the saints for their intercession, we realize that they have a strong relationship with God and can help us in make a closer connection with God.

    3. The word saint reminds us of the power of faith, prayer and human connection to God, even after death. Asking the saints to pray for our intentions is one way to connect with others on a spiritual level beyond any boundaries.

    4. Holiness that sainthood has is attainable by all believers, so asking them for their intercession helps remind us that holiness is possible in our own lives as well. We too can start to live sinless life and become more aware of how others may be praying for our success too.

    5. Ask saints for their intercession brings comfort during times of sorrow because it reminds us we are not alone in our struggles but have many in prayer joining us from heaven above.

    6. Many of these blessed saints lived difficult lives full of trials yet stayed faithful despite adversity. Praying through saints for their intercession gives inspiration courage during hard times.

    7. By asking saints for their intercession, we learn humility as we recognize both their greatness but is dependent upon God’s grace for salvation just like everyone else.