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  1. This question of who is the creator of something comes to mind about things that seem creatures to us i.e. created beings. When this is not the case, we do not ask for the creator of a thing. For example, when we see a chair made of wood, we ask for its creator, carpenter in this case, because we know that a chair can’t get made from wood by itself. But, if we see a piece of wood randomly put on the ground, we don’t ask for its creator i.e. the carpenter.

    We see the world around us that it has been made and that the whole universe is caught in a web of mathematical and physical laws and the irony is that it can’t explain itself in the sense that from where did these laws come? All this points out the presence of a full conscious being behind its creation but we don’t know anything about it. Hence, certain questions come to our minds; Who created matter? Who put life in the matter? Who put consciousness¬† in the matter? This all compels us to look for some external source to be the creator of this world.

    On the Other hand, in terms of God, we haven’t seen him. We don’t know whether He is a created being. Hence, the question of a creator is irrelevant in this case. Now, Who really God is? that’s a different domain. Hopes you understand!

    Jazak Allah