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  1. There are seven fruits mentioned in the Holy Qur’an:

    1. Palm/Dates:  (الرطب/النخل) وَمِنَ ٱلنَّخْلِ مِن طَلْعِهَا قِنْوَانٌۭ دَانِيَةٌۭ (And from palm trees come clusters of dates hanging within reach.(6:99) وَهُزِّىٓ إِلَيْكِ بِجِذْعِ ٱلنَّخْلَةِ تُسَـٰقِطْ عَلَيْكِ رُطَبًۭا جَنِيًّۭا (And shake the trunk of this palm tree towards you, it will drop fresh, ripe dates upon you) (19:25)
    2. pomegranate :(الرمان): فِيهِمَا فَـٰكِهَةٌۭ وَنَخْلٌۭ وَرُمَّانٌۭ (In both will be fruit, palm trees, and pomegranates) (55:67)
    3. Lote Tree: ( السدر) (فِى سِدْرٍۢ مَّخْضُودٍۢ )((They will be) amid thorn less lote trees,) (56:28)
    4. Banana: (الطلح):  وَطَلْحٍۢ مَّنضُودٍۢ (clusters of bananas,) ( 56: 29)
    5. Grapes: (عنب): وَعِنَبًا وَقَضْبًا (as well as grapes and greens) (80:28)
    6. Fig: (التين):  وَٱلتِّينِ وَٱلزَّيْتُونِ (By the fig and the olive) (95:1)
    7. Olive: (الزيتون):  وَٱلتِّينِ وَٱلزَّيْتُونِ (By the fig and the olive) (95:1)
  2. The Holy Quran mentions several fruits, including dates, grapes, figs, olives, and pomegranates. These fruits are often referred to in the Quran as examples of Allah’s creation and blessings.

  3. The Quran mentions various fruits as examples of Allah’s creations and blessings. Some of the fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran include:

    Dates (Tamar): Dates are mentioned several times in the Quran as a symbol of sustenance and blessings. For example, in Surah Maryam (Chapter 19), there is a reference to Mary being instructed to shake the trunk of a date palm tree to receive fresh dates.

    Olives (Zaytun): Olives are mentioned in Surah At-Tin (Chapter 95), where Allah swears by the fig and the olive.

    Grapes (A’nab): Grapes are mentioned in Surah Al-An’am (Chapter 6) and Surah An-Nahl (Chapter 16) as examples of fruits and the signs of Allah’s existence.