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3 Answers

  1. The real religion of Jesus is Islam
    Jesus __Isa (A. S) is a Muslim
    Muslim are the one who submit there wills to God

  2. The religion of Jesus emphasized God’s Kingdom. He taught that salvation was only possible by faith in the Messiah. He also emphasized the importance of the Law of Moses.

    Many of the Gospels contain stories about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. According to Christianity, he was born of a virgin. However, most Jews do not believe that he was the Son of God.

    While many Jews rejected his claim to be the Son of God, a small group of people believed that he was the Messiah. These people were called the Nazarenes. They represented all types of Jewish heritage.

    Most people do not know that the earliest believers in Christ were mostly Jews. It was not until the early church began spreading that Christianity split from Judaism. This separation took place because Christians were unwilling to follow strict Sabbath rules.

    Christians have accepted Jesus teachings as a way to live a good life. People believe that his life demonstrates power over sin and death. They also believe that He rose from the dead.

    In the New Testament, it describes how the process works when someone understands that Jesus is the Messiah. As such, he died for the sins of the world. His blood ratified the new covenant. That covenant would be written in the hearts of the people.

    While many people accept the message of Jesus as a means to happiness, most of them do not understand what happened to him. Some people do not understand why he was crucified and why he was resurrected.

  3. 1- Christianity

    The most commonly accepted answer to this question “what religion was Jesus?” is that Jesus was a Jewish Christian, and the primary religion of Jesus was Judaism. The New Testament of the Bible and other historical records testify to his life as a devout Jew. During his time, he was known for his deep faith in God, as expressed in many of his teachings and observance of laws like the Sabbath.

    2. Messianic Judaism

    Another possible answer to the question “what religion was Jesus?” is that Jesus belonged to a branch of Judaism called Messianic Judaism, which combines traditional Jewish beliefs with some aspects of Christianity. This belief system includes elements such as celebrating major events like Passover and Rosh Hashanah with Christian symbolism added in, making it something different from Christian or mainstream Jewish faiths.

    3. Nazarene

    Some people believe that Jesus was not an entirely new religious figure but rather belonged to a distinct sect within Judaism known as Nazarene Judaism. This faith draws on Jewish traditions but also has similarities with Christianity, including Messianic prophecies and worship centered around a single divine figure. It is possible that some early Christians identified with this faith before the movement became distinct from the mainline tradition.

    4. Essenism

    Essenism could be another option for considering what religion Jesus belonged to; Essene communities can be found in second-Temple era archaeological sites across Judea/Israel region. The Essenes held similar beliefs to those expressed by Jesus in terms of rejecting material possessions and advocating a simple lifestyle devoted to spiritual growth and deepening one’s connection with God through meditation and prayer.

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