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  1. A human being is fundamentally considered the noblest of all creatures because they possess moral dimensions within themselves. It is their existence based on moral values that forms the foundation of any society’s establishment. In fact, the mutual rights and sense of responsibility are the reasons for the strong bonds within a family, tribe, and society. Only religion provides the principles and regulations for humans to live by in this world. It is religion that instills a sense of responsibility in humans, reminding them of their duties and obligations, which form the basis of their relationship with their Creator. When a person starts following the teachings of a religion, they begin to ponder why they came into this world and why God created them. Once they find the answer to this question through their religion, they become engaged in striving to follow the path prescribed by their religion. Thus, when a person adopts the good teachings of their religion, they contribute to the establishment of a healthy society. However, if they choose to deviate from the path set by their religion, they become a source of discord in society.