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  1. The Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world and is native to the Indian subcontinent. It has no single founder, but evolved over time. Hindus believe in a Supreme Being called Brahman who pervades all things. They also believe in karma, which refers to the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, and affects their fate in future existences. Hindus practice various rituals such as daily puja (ritualistic worship) at home or temple, special rites of passage throughout life stages and declaring loyalty to one’s chosen deity (Ishta-devata). These practices are accompanied by philosophical reflections about life, ethics and morality that often take forms of poems, songs or formulas passed from generation to generation.

  2. What is the religion of Hindu? Hinduism is one of the oldest and most followed religions around the world, with an estimated 15-16% of the global population adhering to its teachings. The beliefs in Hinduism are largely entrenched in the writings found in its scriptures called Vedas. This spiritual tradition emphasizes on discovering the Atman or inner self of every believer and living in a manner consistent with high morality such as avoiding from killing, anger, and greed. Other essential parts of this religion include worshipping Narayana (the Divine) and bringing purity to one’s body. Additionally, unlike Christianity or Judaism where specific rituals must be followed to practice it, Hindus are generally non-dogmatic which allows them to be when believing or following its beliefs.

  3. Hinduism more than 4000 years old and most widely practiced religions in the world. Its core beliefs focus on karma, reincarnation, and moksha. The concept is that humans can break free of the cycle of rebirth and attain self-realization. Hindus believe in a soul that lives on after death, and many pray to various manifestations of God for protection. Shiva and Vishnu are two of the main deities in Hinduism, with others such as Devi Saraswati and Goddess Shakti being honored as well. The religion is divided into four major sects that share the same core beliefs but vary in regard to worship style. These sects include Sanatan Dharam. Which is based on the belief that individuals are born into this spiritual path and can gain enlightenment through it. As well as other traditional saint practices.

  4. Hindu religion is an ancient group of beliefs with its roots in India, practiced by people around the globe. With over 2,500 years of history, it is one of the oldest faiths.

    Hindus worship many gods and goddesses, as well as adhering to certain traditions and practices such as yoga and meditation.

    They worship a variety of gods and goddesses, such as Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh and Parvati.

    Hindu religion is one of the oldest and largest religions in existence, boasting 900 million believers around the globe.

    Hindus across India visit many holy places for spiritual fulfillment. Some of the most revered sites include Badrinath, Puri and Dwarka. Other popular holy spots include Varanasi, Rishikesh and Pushkar.

    Hindus tend to be vegetarian and avoid meat or alcohol.

    Hindu religion is founded upon an ancient collection of scriptures called Vedas. These sacred writings, composed in Sanskrit script, provide guidance and instruction to its adherents on how to live their lives.

    Hindu scriptures such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita are essential texts that many Hindus read daily.

    They practice a variety of prayers to ask for blessings, good health and happiness. Additionally, they chant hymns to their beliefs and sing songs about them.

    Hindus celebrate many festivals and special days throughout the year. For instance, Janmashtami in August marks Krishna’s birthday, and it’s a two-day festival with no sleeping allowed as people sing bhajans and fast.

    Holi is another Hindu holiday observed in February or March that celebrates springtime. This joyful festival brings out all kinds of colors as people light bonfires to ward off evil spirits and enjoy delicious foods as a way of honoring this bright occasion.

    On this holiday, families celebrate the birth of their sons by giving gifts to them.

    Hinduism plays an integral role in Indian culture and spirituality, inspiring many people to find peace through meditation and devotion.

    Many people are contented knowing there is a loving god out there who desires only what is best for them. This gives them great comfort and strength even in hard times.

    Hinduism is home to several popular gods and goddesses, such as Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Hanuman, Parvati and Shiva. Each has their own distinctive face and plays an essential role in Hindu religion.

    Hind religion followers worship many other things, such as the Sun, Moon, and water. These symbols of strength and illumination provide comfort during times of darkness.