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Maja Paun

What is Islamic marriage?

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3 Answers

  1. I am explaining the question “What is Islamic marriage?” within just five points given below.

    1. Consent

    In an Islamic marriage, both parties must agree to marry and give their full consent for the marriage to be valid in the eyes of God. This is why parental guidance and approval is so important when it comes to Islamic marriages. As parents must ensure that their children make well informed decisions about their marital life.

    2. Two Witnesses

    A Muslim wedding ceremony requires two adult witnesses. These two witnesses should aware of the marriage contract and have given their consent and agreement as well. These witnesses attest to the fact that both parties understand and agree with all terms relating to marriage within Islam (such as haq mehr payments or a prenuptial agreement).

    3. Wali

    The wali is a representative appointed by either party involved in an Islamic marriage. The wali speaks on behalf of girl/boy during the Nikah (Islamic wedding ceremony) and serves as a middleman if there is any disagreement between the two sides.

    4. Marriage Contract

    The nikah serves as a legally binding agreement between spouses, both abiding to certain rights, responsibilities, duties and financial regulations listed within the document. This contract officially ties them together under marriage law in accordance with Islamic law before their marital relationship begins formally.

    5. Haq Mehr payment

    Haq Mehr payment is similar in many respects to dowry payments common throughout other regions worldwide. Where one spouse gives money or gifts to another. Usually in form of gold or jewelry. A Muslim man must pay Mehr to his wife. Hence it became a basic requirement before marriage could take place amongst these couples.

  2. The Islamic marriage is a Nikha a legal and religious to makes sure both boy and girl are now a couple. In Islamic marriage, a man should give mehr to his wife. Mehr is just like security for women. This right given by Islam. This is a religious and legally binding security that she must receive, and the husband has to make sure to provide it.

    A Muslim marriage is a very serious matter. It involves two witnesses and requires the consent of both parties. However, the wedding ceremony can be very friendly and can take place amongst friends and family. 99% of Muslim marriages are arranged marriages. They are usually performed by a lawful Islamic authority, such as an Imam, or nikah Registrar of a Jamaat.

    An arranged marriage is a safer and more secure type of marriage. That is the reason Muslim marriages have higher rates of success.

    After the wedding ceremony is over, guests will wish the new couple well and will usually hand out sweets. These are not only a form of congratulations, but they are also a way of honoring the bride and groom.

    The ceremony also involves a dua, or Dua, that the Imam recites to bless the marriage. The word “dua” comes from the Arabic word for pray. During the Nikah, the bride is protected by her husband’s guardian, who is tasked with protecting her social and religious rights.

  3. marriage is a social phenomena – Islam just demand purification in relationships. Nikah is a contract between two humans in which they accept each other as their life partner .

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