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1 Answer

  1. Yes, Kalasha or Kalash is a religion. The Kalasha or Kalash religion exists in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan known for their unique ancient religion and culture.

    In the Kalasha religion, has numerous gods including Dezau as their creator deity and Balumain as their cultural hero. Sajigor and Jestak, two gods associated with nature are also worshipped. Goats hold special significance in this religious tradition and appear throughout houses, pillars, and altars as well as playing an integral role in the Chawmos festival where their image can be imprinted onto bread for important rituals.

    Kalasha religion women are different from other religions in that they are free to marry freely with men of other families and even marry outside their community, though this practice is rare. Additionally, they engage in many community activities, such as intra-communal bonding and sharing events as well as Kalasha festivals and traditions.

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