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  1. 1. Praying to saints instead of directly to God:

    According to the Bible, Christians are supposed to direct their prayers and worship only to God or Jesus. It is wrong for true believers in the Christian faith to pray to or worship any other entity besides God. This includes praying to saints who have already passed away as they cannot intercede on our behalf, nor can they provide us with anything that we need from God in our lives.

    2. Believing that a saint can grant wishes:

    Some people believe that saints can grant them physical desires such as wealth, good fortune, health, etc. However, these requests should not be directed towards saints but rather towards God and Jesus who are able to answer prayers and grant us what we request if it’s in accordance with His will.

    3. Praying for signs of assurance after death:

    After someone passes away, some people may be tempted try and reach out by praying to that particular saint as a way of seeking assurance from them. But there is no Scriptural justification for this kind of behavior as all communication between humans and the afterlife occurs through Jesus Christ alone.

    4. Expecting miracles from a saint:

    While it is understandable why some people would turn towards praying for a miracle or favor from a saint (due the fact that many miracles have been attributed throughout the years), unless you are told by God/Jesus himself then you should never guarantee yourself any sort of miracle because no human being has control over His power.

    5. Making up your own traditions when it comes to praising a saint:

    If someone decides to give praise or thanksgiving under the name of a certain saint then they must abide by the set traditions within the church which involve including biblical readings related specifically to that particular personage rather than making up one’s own traditions based on hearsay or personal beliefs derived outside of Scripture-backed principles .

    6. Overlooking Biblical references when talking about saints:

    Just because someone considers themselves religious does not mean they get authority with their views about holy figures like Saints without having accurate Scriptural references handy. In reality, we should remember always refer back godly sources whenever describing such pious individuals since after all it was first revealed within Holy Scripture how such figures ought be revered for their accomplishments (and even shortcomings).

    7. Trying trying make changes an archetype figure like Saint John Paul II :

    Lastly , make sure respect a saint’s legacy by creating an accurate portrayal any time talking about his figure ; creating fantasy stories out either Catholic history nonbelievers alike just show lack knowledge vandals disrespect wise icons like Pope John Paul II , especially during times commemoration each year