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  1. Yes, absolutely! The saints are part of the communion of saints, which includes all believers in Christ who have died and are still living. This means that when you ask them to pray with you, they are standing with you in spirit before the throne of God.

    Pray to specific Saints according to their experties and devotion. For example, if you need guidance in choosing a profession or vocation you may want to ask St Joseph for help. If you need courage or strength then look to St Michael and others like him who fought against evil forces.

    Catholics also frequently include specific prayers such as the rosary in praying along with the saints for miracles, healing, and protection from evil forces as well as spiritual enlightenment.

    Offer your prayer requests in confidence knowing that their intercessory power will help bring about change in your life through their spiritual connection with God . Ask for assistance from several saints who share a common purpose when applicable so that more people of faith can be enlisted on your behalf for total support.

    Recognize that a saint’s intercession is not limited by time or space due to being within the heavenly zone. Where all our needs can be adapted accordingly once there is faith and trust placed strongly on their practice . Understand that though they can provide physical guidance they can not make choices or decisions on our behalf but saints guide us toward greater understanding of those choices presented before us.