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  1. These are the seven reasons why ask saints for prayer.

    1. Saints Intercede on Behalf of Us

    Saints have been called the favorites of God, due to their heroic and unyielding faith. Saints are able to intercede on our behalf of us during prayers and provide a gateway for us to God. This makes saints unique in that they are the bridge between people and God, allowing our prayers to reach Him easier.

    2. Saints Can Offer Practical Advice

    When seeking prayer from a saint, it is not uncommon to get practical advice. Saints often understand the difficulties we go through because they too were human and experienced suffering, but ultimately achieved peace over it. Some saints also give advice on how we can grow closer to God, or how we can better actualize kindness and true happiness here on Earth.

    3. Prayer Provides a Sense of Peace

    Asking saints for prayer gives us immense peace and comfort that comes with trusting loved ones to assist in times of need. Praying with your saint gives you a special connection, one which cannot be simulated, helping reaffirm that you are all connected in this world and within God’s realm.

    4. Help Participate in Living Tradition

    Asking your saint for prayer is a living tradition. A tradition many have followed long before our time up until now, continuing through every single generation. Keeping these traditions alive is beneficial for everybody looking for peace away from our ever-changing modern lives where uncertainties lurk around almost every corner!

    5 Links Us with Our Spiritual Heritage

    Each person has their own unique spiritual heritage which includes their ancestors, tracing all the way back centuries ago when our very first ancestor prayed for help or guidance and received it from his/her chosen Spirit Guides or Holy Representatives (also known as saints). Enhancing this bond means establishing ourselves as viewers of eternal presence attuned with gods love more deeply than ever before!

    6 Allows Access to Unseen Wisdom

    When asking saints for prayer helps us access unseen wisdom that encourages seeking holiness both inwardly and outwardly. Asking saints allows us to receive ancient messages meant only for us, giving us access no other source can provide! In those wise words gain epiphanies, hidden truths only the divine can reveal! That is why do we ask the saints to pray for us.

    7. Strengthens Our Faith

    Saints help us reinforce beliefs and strengthen our faith. This enables believers to experience miracles. When something goes awry believing that help was sent through divine intervention. The saints provide aid no matter what path is chosen, saints prayers are ten times more reliable than ordinary believers.