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  1. Evil eye is the energy to cause harm or misfortune to others simply by looking at them with envy. The evil eye is a belief, widely known in many cultures. This belief is often associated with the idea of jealousy and negative energy, and it is believed that people who are overly evil can unintentionally cause harm to others through their thoughts and feelings.

    The evil eye, also referred to as ‘ayn al-hasud’ in Arabic and ‘ayn harrah’ in most Middle Eastern and Turkish cultures, is believed to cause harm those who are exposed to admiring glances, compliments or praises. Pregnant women, children and animals are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon.

    The belief in the evil eye has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, yet its practice has spread throughout many cultures and eras throughout history. No matter which culture or era you come from, its purpose remains unchanged.

    Meaning of evil eye

    The evil eye is a curse meant to harm someone. Its influence is believed to cause various negative effects and affect speech, relationships, work, and family life alike.

    The term Evil Eye means to look upon something with evil intention. This ancient superstition has spread throughout the world and is widely held by different cultures, religions, and nations alike.

    How to get rid of evil eye?

    There are many ways to get rid of the evil eye. I have wrote many taweez about how to get rid of evil eye. Other many amulets believed to ward off the evil eye.

    Over time, powerful talismans to protect against the evil eye have been used. Common examples are blue evil eye neckless or horseshoe etc.

    Turkish nazars, also known as nazals, are popular talismans that can be placed on cars, homes, boats and fishermen’s nets. Additionally, these charms can be worn as necklaces for added charm.