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  1. He changed her into a woodpecker because she was too selfish to dwell in a human form and enjoy the benefits that humans receive from the Lord, such as food, shelter, and a fire to keep them warm. The woodpecker would have to build its nest in the hard dry tree trunks and gather its scanty food by boring into them all day long.

    She was very selfish and so she decided to make the cakes a little smaller each time. This way she could save the dough for her next cake. But she soon noticed that the cakes were getting smaller and smaller until they looked too small to give away to anyone. Hence she had to put them away and forget about giving them to Saint Peter.

    She must have felt very bad because she was so greedy. She must have felt like she had deprived a poor saint of a piece of cake for no reason at all. She must have felt that her life was not worth living because she was so greedy and she had ruined the lives of others by being so selfish.

    Her greed caused her to lose her dignity as a human being. Her selfishness made her feel that she was not fit to live in a human form and enjoy the benefits of food, shelter, and a fire to keep her warm. She was therefore cursed by Saint Peter who changed her into a bird, a woodpecker.

    When Saint peter ask the old lady for a piece of cake is a very interesting story that is told from centuries. But it is important to remember that legend saint.