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  1. If you are in a relationship, you may have had dreams about your ex. These dreams can be a reflection of your current feelings and concerns in the relationship or of something that has happened in the past. Whether you are dreaming of your ex or of another person, you will need to take some time to think about what does it mean when you dream about your ex?

    These are the most common seven reasons that you are having dreams about your ex.

    1- Still holding feelings for Your ex

    In most cases, a dream about your ex is not a bad thing. The reason is that the subconscious mind has a way of wanting more spice in your life. Having a positive dream about your ex can be a sign that you are ready to move on. Your dream may also be a sign that you are still holding on to feelings of love for your ex. Having a positive dream about your former lover could be a sign that you are trying to recover the relationship.

    2- You are feeling alone and lost the touch of your ex.

    Another common reason why you have dreams about your ex is that you have been stalking him or her on social media. Similarly, if you are feeling lonely and have lost touch with your friends, you may have repeatedly dreamt about an ex-partner. You should look into the reasons behind your dream and try to see if you can find any patterns.

    3- Hoping to get back to your ex.

    To know what it means when you dream about your ex is all about, what you want out of the dream. Are you hoping to be in a relationship again, to secure your current relationship, or to learn more about your ex? There is no one right answer to the asked question, but you will need to think about it before you make any foolish decision.

    4- You are regretting things that you should not done with your ex.

    If you are dreaming about your ex because you have recently broken up with him or her, you should think about how you feel about the breakup. Does it make you angry, sad, or frustrated? Is there something you regret about your behavior before you broke up? Maybe you regret letting him or her go. Or maybe you regret saying things that you shouldn’t have.

    5- Unsolved conflict with your ex.

    If you dream about your ex because you are arguing with him or her, you should consider the other factors of the situation. Dreaming about arguing with an ex can be a sign that you have unresolved conflicts in your life. It is important to get all of these issues addressed to make your life more pleasant and to make your ex happy.

    6- Your ex has cheated on you.

    On the other hand, you can also dream about your ex because he or she has cheated on you. A cheating dream is a good indication that you are feeling resentment or distrust in your new relationship.

    7- You just want to get in touch with your ex.

    When dreaming about your ex, you should consider whether you need to get in touch with him or her to understand the true meaning of your dream. You should also discuss it with your friends and family or your spiritual healer. This will help you to identify what is real and what is not.