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1 Answer

  1. Dreaming about fighting can signify conflicts or tensions within or between us. On the other hand, fighting could also indicate that we are working to resolve matters or transform something in our lives.

    Dreams that involve trauma or relationship conflict could be the reason of this type of dream. If you find yourself having fight with someone close to you, it could mean that you feel threatened or attacked by them. This could mean that your emotions are getting out of control. Therefore, make sure you have support from those around you for comfort and support when facing such problems.

    Alternatively, it could be meaning of your growing aggressive behavior and desire to take control of your life. This development can be encouraging as it fosters confidence and self-worth.

    It could also mean of feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with the situation at hand. This may be a signal that you need to find a healthier way of expressing your emotions, or stop being so consumed by life’s difficulties.

    Dreaming of fighting with someone can often be seen as a warning that you have been neglecting or ignoring an important person in your life. This could mean that it is time to pay closer attention to those close to you and treat them with respect and love.

    Additionally, this could be a sign that you have been striving too hard to be the best friend or partner possible, and need to take a break from trying to make others contented. This could be beneficial as it allows for reflection on one’s own needs and desires as well as searching for someone new who will bring out your best qualities.

    Are you struggling with morality and reason, yet cannot seem to come to a decision or reach an understanding about what should be done? Your dream may be indicative of this internal conflict between the demands of your rational mind and those of your heart.

    Parents, this dream could be a warning that you are allowing your children to witness your anger and frustrations. Be extra vigilant with them and ensure they do not hurt each other while learning how to be better friends or partners.

    Dreams like these could be indicative of a troubled relationship with your father or an impossibility to reach your objectives. Be persistent and strive to succeed, otherwise, life will become very challenging for you.

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