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  1. In Islam, we have many spiritual practices that make our connection stronger with Allah. These are some best examples of spiritual exercise in Islam:


    The five daily prayers are the pillar of Muslim Ibadat and spirituality. Namaz provides constant peace throughout the day to reconnect with Allah.


    Zikar is what we recite specific phrases or names of Allah, such as “SubhanAllah”, “Alhamdulillah”, and “Allahu Akbar”. Zikar is the way to experience Allah presence.


    Fasting during the month of Ramadan is another spiritual exercise. Roza is what you do not eat food, or drink, and do not do wrong things from sunrise until sunset. Ramadan Rozay brings self discipline, empathy, and spiritual growth.


    Regularly reading and reciting the Holy Quran is an Islamic spiritual exercise. Understanding its meanings can improve our faith and make everyday life beautiful.


    Making dua to Allah is a way to seek help, express needs, and show reliance on Allah mercy. Dua makes a strong connection with Allah.

    Zakat and Sadaqah:

    Giving to those in need, whether through Zakat or Sadaqah, purifies wealth and balances society.

    Hajj and Umrah:

    Performing the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, a once in a lifetime necessity for those who are able. Umrah, can performed for spiritual growth, and submission to Allah.


    Tahajjud Namaz, performed during the last third of the night, is highly recommended as a spiritual exercise in Islam. This quiet time allows us for a deep connection with Allah.


    Muraqabah involves meditative practices where one reflects on Allah presence and creation. This practice fosters mindfulness and spiritual consciousness.


    Learning religious knowledge is considered a form of worship. Understanding our faith deeply through study can enhance spiritual awareness and practice.


    Constantly seeking forgiveness for sins and shortcomings is a basic spiritual exercise in Islam. Tawbah is kind of a commitment that you won’t commit sins again.

    Good Deeds and Ethical Living:

    Living a life following Islamic ethics and principles, such as honesty, kindness, and justice, is a daily spiritual practice that brings us closer to Allah.

    Sufi Practices

    Furthermore, in Sufism, spiritual exercises may include specific forms of Zikar, poetry, music such as Qawwali, and the practice of Dervishes. These spiritual practices aim to achieve a deeper mystical connection with Allah.

    Each of these spiritual exercises helps Muslims cultivate a stronger, more intense connection with Allah, guiding us toward a more, ethical, and fulfilling life.

  2. There are Five basic fundamental of Islam.

    Tauheed (Considering Allah the only God i.e refusing to all and accepting Allah S.W.T the worthy to worship)

    Namaz (Salah)

    Roza (Fasting)

    Zakkat (The Charity to the needy)

    Hajj (The Holy Journey)

    Despite following all these five pillars of Islam the best spiritual exercise in islam is to find Allah among the heart of the people, the creature that Allah S.W.T has created.