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2 Answers

  1. First and foremost, prayer is the most important way to ask a saint for help and protection. You can pray directly to a specific saint, if you know one that you admire or feel a connection to. Prayers can be formal, such as the traditional Catholic prayers written centuries ago, or they can be more personal and spontaneous. Additionally, it is common practice to make a physical offering that symbolizes your request when asking saints for protection or help in achieving something—candles, flowers, medals and special objects are all appropriate offerings.

  2. Seeking guidance and protection is part of the old Catholic tradition, so if you’re looking for assistance from a saint, consider praying to them in order to ask for their help. Start by researching particular saints that represent the qualities or assistance you want. When composing your prayer, remember to keep the tone respectful and humble. Ask the saints to watch over you, protect you from any harm, and provide guidance in order to make wise choices. Lastly, remember that faith is essential when it comes to praying. Believe that the saints are listening and will do their best to help you in times of need.

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